European Robinson Pilot Safety Course

Take advantage of an extraordinary opportunity to attend the first ever safety course for pilots of all categories in the Czech Republic, led by Robinson Helicopter Company factory pilot Mr. Bob Muse.

Who is the course dedicated for:

The European Robinson Pilot Safety Course organized by Nisa Air s.r.o. is intended for all helicopter pilot as holders of individual licenses (private helicopter pilots, commercial helicopter pilots, FI, etc. ...) with a valid type rating for at least one type within the Robinson helicopter series. The minimum requirement is at least 3 hours of log in required type of helicopter. Students in training must have completed training with a valid pilot's license prior to the start of the course.  The event is 3-day course that includes 2 days of classroom theory and a flight lesson with an experienced Robinson Helicopter Company pilot.

The course is conducted for English speaking visitor only. All participants must understand and speak fluent English. If participants are not sufficient enough, they must attend the course with an experienced translator who is fluent in English and will assist you throughout the course. If the participant is unable to understand the instructions to safely complete the practical portion, he/she will not be allowed to take the final flight and will not be issued a certificate of completion.

Date of the course

The course will commence on May 21, 2023 at 8 am in the MG Restaurant meeting room on the premises of Nisa Air Ltd at LKMB National Public Airport. As a condition for successful completion of the course an applicant must attend the entire course. The course will finish at approximately 4 pm each day. In the event of a large number of applicants the course will be extended by required time to complete the practical part of the syllabus. The schedule of training flights will be specified during the event.  Coffee, tea, cold drinks and a basic lunch will be provided to participants as part of the course.


The course includes both a theoretical and a practical part consisting from the following:

  • An overview of the past R22/R44/R66 helicopter accidents.
  • The main causes of fatal accidents and how they can be prevented.
  • Familiarity with critical flight conditions and Awareness Training required by SFAR 73.
  • Familiarity with the Pilot Operations Manual including limitations, emergency procedures and performance.
  • Detailed familiarization with helicopter systems, maintenance overview, performing pre‑flight procedures, paying close attention to tail rotor checks to ensure safe ground operations.
  • Training flight with factory pilot Bob Muse.

Application and tuition

Places on the course are limited and you may be refused registration if the course is full. Please fill out the registration form and confirm to complete. You will then be sent a confirmation email with your participation and instructions on how to pay your course fees.


Own helicopter: 16 600 CZK without VAT *
R22 Beta II 19 700 CZK without VAT **
R44 Raven I 24 600 CZK without VAT **

* The course fee includes two days of theory, study material, refreshments, landing fees at LKMB airport and basic handling of your own helicopter.

** The price of the course includes two days of theory, study material, refreshments and helicopter rental according to the chosen type for one flight hour, so called "collective time". The helicopter rental fee also includes accident insurance, fuel, handling, LKMB landing fees and instructor.

Bob Muse

Bob Muse

has a very long history working with the Robinson Helicopter Company. He is currently the Chief Instructor Pilot and Director of the Flight Safety Department for Robinson. Mr. Muse has over 35 years of aviation experience and 24,000 accident-free flight hours in many different models of helicopters, flying all types of missions. As a professional Instructor Pilot, he has provided training to the private sector, law enforcement, and military all over the world. He is also an aviation accident investigator. As Chief Flight Instructor for Robinson, he is in charge of the RHC factory Pilot Safety Course and International Pilot Safety Courses

Registration form

Please, in the notes advise number of person and date of check-in.

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